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Loutraki: Quiz


Question 1: The region of Loutraki-Perachora is also famous for the Heraion of Perachora (sanctuary of the goddess ________), an archaeological site of great significance located at the end of the Perachora peninsula and for the picturesque Vouliagmeni lake.
Greek mythologyHeraApolloHermes

Question 2: Loutraki (Greek, Modern: Λουτράκι, Ancient/Katharevousa: Λουτράκιον) is a seaside town located 4 km NE of ________ in the Prefecture of Corinthia, Greece.
EphesusCorinthAthensAncient Corinth

Question 3: Loutraki is well known for its ________ (Club Hotel Casino Loutraki), one of the biggest in Europe.
United StatesNevadaCasinoGambling

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