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Loupe: Quiz


Question 1: Loupes are used in a number of diverse industries, notably the jewelry trade, watchmaking, photography, printing, ________, geology, and ophthalmology.
DentistryCleft lip and palateOrthodonticsOral and maxillofacial surgery

Question 2: Options for loupe-mounted ________ and video recorders are also available.
Digital single-lens reflex cameraRangefinder cameraCameraPhotography

Question 3: Loupe-mounted lights used to be fed by ________ cables that connected to either a wall-mounted or table-top light source.
OpticsGlassOptical fiberTransparency and translucency

Question 4: Jewelers typically use a monocular, handheld loupe in order to magnify ________ and other jewelry that they wish to inspect.

Question 5: Because a dentist's head often ________ the overhead dental lamp, loupes may be fitted with a light source.

Question 6: Because dentists use both of their hands while performing dental procedures, dental loupes are binocular and usually take on the form of a pair of ________.
OpticsGlassesSunglassesLens (optics)

Question 7: Magnification can be very helpful when ________ a flap.
Catgut sutureICD-9-CM Volume 3Surgical sutureSurgery


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