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Question 1:
What are people from Louisiana known as?
Louisianan, Louisianais

Question 2:
What role did Lillian West play in the movie Louisiana?
Olivia Ferol
Alvern Adams
Virginia Tregan
Louisiana Rogers

Question 3:
Who played Virginia Tregan the movie Louisiana?
Andréa Ferréol
Margot Kidder
Margot Kidder
Dottye Brown

Question 4:
What is the largest city of Louisiana?

Question 5:
How many metres above sea level is Louisiana?

Question 6:
What role did Noah Beery play in the movie Louisiana?
Laurence Ferol
Charles de Vigors
Lem Rogers
Charlie Mitchell

Question 7:
Who played Charles de Vigors the movie Louisiana?
Robert Ellis
Arthur Allardt
Lloyd Bochner
Victor Lanoux

Question 8:
What is the motto of Louisiana?
Insuring our future by developing Character, Confidence, and Competence
Confident and Steadfast
Union, Justice, and Confidence
God, Union and Liberty

Question 9: The following day, ________ accepted possession of New Orleans for the United States.
Alexander HamiltonJames WilkinsonUlysses S. GrantGeorge Washington

Question 10:
What is Louisiana also known as?
Simon Sheen
Edward J. Mortimer
Lu00E9ta de la Lwizyu00E0n
Les Tomkins

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