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Louisa County, Virginia: Quiz


Question 1: ________, arguably America's most successful secular commune, is located in Louisa County.
Kat KinkadeLouisa, VirginiaLouisa County, VirginiaTwin Oaks Community

Question 2: The ________ is one of the country's oldest secular communes and was established by its first eight members in 1967.
Louisa, VirginiaIntentional communityTwin Oaks CommunityKat Kinkade

Question 3: ________ lived for some time in Louisa County on Roundabout Creek in 1764.
James MonroeThomas JeffersonJohn TylerPatrick Henry

Question 4: Louisa County is a county located in the Commonwealth of ________.
West VirginiaNew JerseyNorth CarolinaVirginia

Question 5: ________ (1817-1892), born free, one of two men tried and convicted after Oberlin-Wellington Rescue, abolitionist and political activist in Ohio and Kansas.
Charles Henry LangstonAmerican Civil WarMissouriJohn Mercer Langston

Question 6: James Waddel Alexander, (1804-1859), born in Louisa County, noted ________ minister and professor at Princeton Theological Seminary [5]
ProtestantismChristianityCovenant theologyPresbyterianism

Question 7: Additionally, the county is genealogically important to the origins of early ________ ancestry.
TennesseeRamapough Mountain IndiansNorth CarolinaMelungeon

Question 8: John Overton, (1766-1833), born in Louisa County, notable political leader who was an adviser to ________ and co-founder of Memphis, Tennessee.
George M. DallasAl GoreMartin Van BurenAndrew Jackson

Question 9: The ________ was completed through Louisa County in 1838-1840 and during the Civil War was an important supply line for the Confederate armies.
Covington and Ohio RailroadPeninsula ExtensionChesapeake and Ohio RailwayVirginia Central Railroad

Question 10: In 1765, ________ won his first election to represent Louisa County in the House of Burgesses.
John TylerPatrick HenryJames MonroeThomas Jefferson


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