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Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor: Quiz


Question 1: Louis V the Brandenburger (1316–1361), duke of Upper Bavaria, margrave of ________, count of Tyrol

Question 2: In 1330 the emperor permitted the Frankfurt Trade Fair and Lübeck as the most powerful member of the ________ received in 1340 as first city of the empire the coinage prerogative for golden gulden.
GdańskSzczecinHamburgHanseatic League

Question 3: Already in 1323 Louis had sent an army to Italy to protect Milan against the ________ which was together with France the strongest ally of the papacy.
Kingdom of NaplesCharles III of SpainNapoleonic WarsKingdom of Sicily

Question 4: Elisabeth (1329 – 2 August 1402, ________), married:
UlmFreiburg im BreisgauStuttgartHeilbronn

Question 5: In 1338 Edward III was the emperor's guest at the Imperial Diet in the Kastorkirche at ________ and was named vicar-general of the Holy Roman Empire.

Question 6: In 1345 the emperor further antagonized the lay princes by conferring Hainaut, ________, Zeeland and Friesland upon his wife Margaret of Holland.
NetherlandsEighty Years' WarHollandAmsterdam

Question 7: Agnes (________, 1345 – 11 November 1352, Munich)

Question 8: The story of Umberto Eco's novel ________ (1980) plays during the reign of Louis and refers also to his conflict with Frederick of Austria and Pope John XII.
The Name of the Rose (film)William of OckhamThe Name of the RoseWilliam of Baskerville

Question 9: 1359) in ________ on 22 November 1350;

Question 10: In the following conflict between both kings Louis recognized in 1316 the independence of ________ from Habsburg.


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