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Question 1: Meanwhile his brother Lothair had died in 869, and owing to his detention in southern Italy, Louis failed to prevent the partition of ________ between Louis the German and Charles the Bald.
Holy Roman EmpireLotharingiaLorraine (duchy)Charles the Fat

Question 2: In 863, on the death of his brother Charles, Louis received the kingdom of ________, and in 864 came into collision with Pope Nicholas I over his brother's divorce.

Question 3: So in 869 he made alliance with the eastern emperor, ________, who sent him ships to assist in the capture of Bari, capital of a local Islamic emirate, which succumbed in 871.
Michael IIIManuel I KomnenosBasil ILeo VI the Wise

Question 4: His mediation split the Lombard duchy and gave Radelchis his share with Benevento as his capital and gave ________ as a principality independent to Siconulf.
AgropoliAltavilla SilentinaAmalfiSalerno

Question 5: He confirmed the usurping ________ Peter as prince of Salerno in December 853, displacing the dynasty he had installed there three years earlier.
RegentMonarchMonarchyConstitutional monarchy

Question 6: He then quashed some accusations against Pope Leo and held a Diet at ________.

Question 7: Then Louis won further successes against the Saracens, who were driven from ________, but the emperor's attempts to punish Adeichis were not very successful.
Sessa AuruncaCapuaAversaCaiazzo

Question 8: In his efforts to restore order in Italy, Louis met with considerable success both against Italy's turbulent princes and against the ________ who were ravaging southern Italy.
Byzantine EmpireArab peopleRoman EmpireSaracen

Question 9: He was designated King of Italy in 839 and took up his residence in that country and was crowned king at ________ by Pope Sergius II on 15 June 844.

Question 10: He had withdrawn into ________ to prepare for a further campaign when he was treacherously attacked in his palace, robbed and imprisoned by Adelchis, prince of Benevento, in August 871.


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