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  • the popular Chinese TV talent show contestant Lou Jing, dubbed the "Black Pearl", is of Chinese and African American heritage?

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Question 1: Lou Jing (simplified Chinese: 娄婧traditional Chinese: 婁婧pinyin: Lóu Jìng) is a Chinese talent show contestant from ________.
ShanghaiHong KongChongqingBeijing

Question 2: She was born to a Chinese mother and an ________ father, who left China before she was born and had lost contact ever since.
Great Migration (African American)African AmericanAfrican American cultureAfrican-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)

Question 3:
Lou Jing, Ku Klux Klan and Slavery are all:
People from Shanghai People of Asian descent Racism People of Black African descent

Question 4: ________ such as xiaoheigui (Chinese: 小黑鬼; lit.
List of ethnic slursList of ethnic slurs by ethnicityRepublic of IrelandWhite people

Question 5: [1] Her attention in the media opened serious debates about ________ and racial prejudice.
Racism in the People's Republic of ChinaRacial segregationSlaverySouth Africa under apartheid

Question 6:
Lou Jing, Burakumin and White Australia policy are all:
Chinese Netizen Racism People from Shanghai Discrimination by country

Question 7:
Lou Jing, Yao Ming and Wong Kar-wai are all:
Chinese Netizen People of Black African descent People from Shanghai People of Asian descent

Question 8: On November 1, British newspaper ________ reported that Lou had emerged as the most famous talent show contestant in China and has become the subject of intense debate because of her skin colour.
The ObserverThe TimesThe GuardianThe Independent

Question 9:
Lou Jing, Ai Weiwei and Han Han are all:
People of Asian descent Chinese Netizen People of Black African descent People from Shanghai

Question 10: Lou Jing's mother raised her as a ________.
SurrogacyFoster careAdoptionSingle-parent


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