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Question 1: Non-comedogenic lotions are recommended for use on ________ prone skin.
Acne vulgarisRosaceaOnychomycosisAlopecia areata

Question 2: Most lotions are oil-in-water ________ using a substance such as Cetearyl alcohol to keep the emulsion together, but water-in-oil lotions are also formulated.
Dosage formColloidEmulsionCream (pharmaceutical)

Question 3: Aside from medical use and usage in skin care, lotions are often used as accessories to aid massage, ________ or masturbation.
ForeplayHuman sexualityOrgasmPenis

Question 4: A wide variety of other ingredients such as fragrances, glycerol, petroleum jelly, ________, preservatives, proteins and stabilizing agents are commonly added to lotions.
Acid dyeMordantDyeCochineal

Question 5: A lotion is a low- to medium-viscosity, topical preparation intended for application to unbroken skin; creams and ________ have a higher viscosity.
GelGel (disambiguation)SiliconeColloid

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