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Lot (Bible): Quiz


Question 1: The stage musical Caroline, or Change, with book and lyrics by ________ and music by Jeanine Tesori, includes the song "Lot's Wife," in which Caroline asks to be turned into a pillar of salt.
Wendy WassersteinTony KushnerNeil SimonAlfred Uhry

Question 2: According to the Bible, Lot (Hebrew: לוֹט, Modern Lowt ("veil") Tiberian Loṭ) "Hidden, covered"[1]) was the nephew of the patriarch ________, or Abram.
IsaacEnoch (Biblical figure)JacobAbraham

Question 3: Jewish ________ records a number of additional stories about Lot, not present in the Tanakh.
Rabbinic literatureBibleTalmudMidrash

Question 4: Lot went southeast to plains near the cities of ________, since the land there was well watered.
Sodom and GomorrahDead SeaJerusalemJesus

Question 5: The story of Lot is told in the ________.
Book of GenesisPsalmsBibleBook of Enoch

Question 6: A geological formation overlooking the ________ is called 'Lot's Wife', because of the shape and location of the feature.
Great Salt LakeCaspian SeaMediterranean SeaDead Sea

Question 7: Abraham took care of Lot after Haran was burned in a gigantic fire in which Nimrod, King of ________, tried to kill Abraham.
Akkadian EmpireMesopotamiaBabylonBabylonia

Question 8: A fourth chalk prominence that once stood off the western coast of the Isle of Wight, from which ________ take their name, was also called 'Lot's Wife'.
Alum BayEast CowesThe NeedlesTotland

Question 9: When they could not continue longer together in ________ because they both had large flocks and their shepherds sometimes quarrelled [3] he gave Lot the choice of his abode.
Ancient historyQatnaPalestinian territoriesCanaan

Question 10: While in Egypt, the midrash gives Lot much credit because, despite his desire for wealth, he did not inform ________ of the secret of Sarah, Abraham's wife.
HatshepsutAhmose IAmenhotep IIIPharaoh

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