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Question 1: Emilie de Ravin, who plays ________, appears solely in archived footage from the television show.
Claire LittletonChristian ShephardThere's No Place Like HomeLost (TV series)

Question 2: Lost's writer-producers originally proposed the mobisodes as a self-contained story that would focus on two previously unseen characters of the Lost ________.
Fictional countryPoetrySetting (fiction)Character (arts)

Question 3: Chris Carabott of ________ reviewed most of Lost: Missing Pieces and has given each a rating out of ten.

Question 4: The new premise featured Hurley Reyes (played by Jorge Garcia) finding a functional ________ video camcorder[17] that had Dharma orientation films on it.
Lost (season 3)Through the Looking Glass (Lost)Lost (TV series)Dharma Initiative

Question 5: [15] At ________ in July, Lindelof and Cuse announced that only thirteen mobisodes would be produced.
San Diego Comic-Con InternationalEisner AwardAlan MooreInkpot Award

Question 6: [2] The "mobisodes", which have also been referred to as "webisodes", were shot in Honolulu, ________, and produced by the same crew with the same cast as the television series; thus, all content is considered to be canonical.
United StatesHawaiiAlaskaFlorida

Question 7: Lost: Missing Pieces at the ________
Box Office MojoAmazon.comCDNOWInternet Movie Database

Question 8: These characters would be played by actors who were not part of the ________; however the entertainment guilds refused to support such a project.
International Longshoremen's AssociationJewish Labor CommitteeInternational Longshore and Warehouse UnionScreen Actors Guild

Question 9: The series was nominated for an ________ in 2008.
Daytime Emmy AwardEmmy AwardSports Emmy Award27th Sports Emmy Awards

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