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Question 1:
Who played Richard Alpert the movie Lost?
Gary Kent
Nestor Carbonell
Ray Porter
David Farrar

Question 2:
Who played Dee Dee Miller the movie Lost?
Uncle Alice
Michelle Stafford
Eleanor Summerfield
Gabrielle Sanalitro

Question 3:
Who played Gas Station Attendant the movie Lost?
Bodhi Elfman
Dean Cain
Jeff Fahey
Luis Chávez

Question 4:
Who played Nanny the movie Lost?
Christine Bouchard
Anne Paige
Thora Hird
Michelle Stafford

Question 5:
What role did Eleanor Summerfield play in the movie Lost?
Kelly's landlady
Sgt. Cook
Sue Cochrane

Question 6:
Who played Jack Shephard the movie Lost?
Jorge Garcia
Dean Cain
David Farrar
Matthew Fox

Question 7:
Who played Daniel Faraday the movie Lost?
Naveen Andrews
Ted Rooney
Jeremy Davies
David Knight

Question 8:
Who played Bernard Nadler the movie Lost?
Sam Anderson
Gary Kent
Jorge Garcia
Michael Howard

Question 9:
Who played Kate Austen the movie Lost?
Sandra Dee
Evangeline Lilly
Uncle Alice
L. Scott Caldwell

Question 10:
Who played Cab driver the movie Lost?
Al Trautwig
Tony Pinizzotto
Dean Cain
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

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