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Question 1: The Lordship of Ireland was a lordship existing in ________ during the Middle Ages, it was created in the wake of the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169—71 and existed until 1541 when it was succeeded by the Kingdom of Ireland.
WalesNorthern IrelandIrelandIrish people

Question 2: As the Lord of Ireland was also ________, he was represented locally by the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
John of EnglandEdward III of EnglandList of English monarchsRichard II of England

Question 3: The title was changed by the Crown of Ireland Act passed by the Irish Parliament in 1541, when on Henry VIII's demand, he was granted a new title, ________, with the state renamed the Kingdom of Ireland.
George VI of the United KingdomMonarchy of the United KingdomMonarchy of IrelandElizabeth II of the United Kingdom

Question 4: It was governed from the Pale by the Parliament of Ireland and was a fief of the ________, with the Lord of Ireland coming from the House of Plantagenet.
Edward, the Black PrinceHenry the Young KingEmpress MatildaAngevin Empire

Question 5: The pope asserted the right to grant sovereignty over islands to different monarchs on the basis of a document, later found to be a forgery, called the ________.
Constantine IRomePapal StatesDonation of Constantine

Question 6: While the Lordship was nominally representing the whole island, several parts of it were never conquered by the Normans, for instance Thomond and Desmond in ________, or Tyrconnell and Tyrone in Ulster.
MunsterIrelandCork (city)Limerick

Question 7: These remained separate sovereign entities until the ________.
Elizabethan eraEnglish ReformationTudor periodEngland


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