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Lophotrochozoa: Quiz


Question 1: [4] Previously these were treated together as the Trochozoa, together with the arthropods, which do not produce trochophore larvae but were considered close relatives of the ________ because they are both segmented.

Question 2: [2] When used in a broader sense (sensu lato), it can include rotifers and ________.

Question 3: The Trochozoa include the Nemertea, Mollusca, Sipuncula, Echiura, Pogonophora and ________.

Question 4: The Lophophorata include the Bryozoa, Entoprocta, Phoronida, and ________.

Question 5: Molecular evidence such as a result of studies of the evolution of small-subunit ________ (rRNA) supports the monophyly of the phyla listed in the infobox shown at right.
Transfer RNANon-coding RNARibosomal RNADNA

Question 6: However, they show a number of important differences, and the arthropods are now placed separately among the ________.

Question 7: Phylogeny and mitochondrial gene order variation in Lophotrochozoa in the light of new mitogenomic data from ________.

Question 8: They are unusual in showing radial cleavage, and some authors considered them deuterostomes, before ________ trees placed them together with the trochozoans.
DNANon-coding RNASmall interfering RNARNA


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