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Question 1: ________ reported: "On October 9, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A.
The New York Times CompanyThe New York TimesThe Boston GlobeInternational Herald Tribune

Question 2: Often, in large LATAs, there is also a class known by the oxymoronic name local long distance, which refers to calls within the customer's ________ but outside of their local calling area.
IndianapolisLocal access and transport areaPhoenix, ArizonaColumbus, Ohio

Question 3: AT&T built an interconnected long-distance telephone network, which reached from New York to ________ in 1892, the technological limit for the wiring used.
Burr Ridge, IllinoisChicagoBlue Island, IllinoisElmhurst, Illinois

Question 4: This refers to a calling area outside of the customer’s ________ but within the customer's state.
IndianapolisColumbus, OhioPhoenix, ArizonaLocal access and transport area

Question 5: The invention of ________ extended the range to Denver in 1911, again reaching a technological limit.
Loading coilOliver HeavisideCoaxial cableGeorge Ashley Campbell

Question 6: In the ________, long distance can refer to two different classes of calls that are not local calls.
United StatesPhilippinesAlaskaCanada

Question 7: In telecommunications, a long distance call is a telephone call made outside a certain area, usually characterized by an area code outside of a local call area (known in the United States as a local access and transport area or ________).
IndianapolisColumbus, OhioPhoenix, ArizonaLocal access and transport area

Question 8: Long-distance calls usually carry long-distance charges which, within certain nations, vary between phone companies and are the subject of much ________.
CompetitionCompetition (economics)HumanEconomics


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