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Loneliness: Quiz


Question 1: Loneliness is a feeling in which people experience a strong sense of ________ and solitude.

Question 2: One of the first recorded uses of the word "lonely" was in ________'s Coriolanus, "Though I go alone, like a lonely dragon..." Act IV Scene 1.
Shakespeare's lifeHamletWilliam ShakespeareShakespeare authorship question

Question 3: ________ (literary device)
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Primary and Secondary PhasesThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Tertiary to Quintessential PhasesThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyTechnology in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Question 4: Someone who is lonely may find it hard to form strong ________.
PolyamoryFriendshipInterpersonal relationshipLove

Question 5: Its effect on ________ patterns, as well as the above-mentioned other effects can have a devastating effect on the ability to function in everyday life.

Question 6: Human beings might be said to actively "engage" each other and the ________ as they communicate and create, and loneliness is merely the feeling of being cut off from this process.
RedshiftTimeBig BangUniverse

Question 7: ________ has also been found to have a restorative effect, counteracting loneliness by increasing perceived social support.

Question 8: If the individual is convinced he or she is unlovable, this will increase the experience of suffering and the likelihood of avoiding ________ contact.
SocializationSocial constructionismSociologyCriminology

Question 9: ________ (animal experiments on isolation)
Pit of despairGreat ape research banAnimal testingInternational primate trade

Question 10: [7] Loneliness is also linked with depression, a risk factor for ________.
CremationSuicideEuthanasiaDeath and culture

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