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Question 1: For four days in late August 2005, the Zoo ran an exhibit entitled the ________, which put eight humans on display in the Mappin Terraces.
Scientific racismScramble for AfricaRacismHuman zoo

Question 2: The exhibit also contains several species in danger of extinction, or are already extinct in the wild, such as the ________.
Socorro MockingbirdSocorro IslandBirdSocorro Dove

Question 3: In 2002 a pair of ________ moved into the inside area from Jersey Zoo on breeding loan and since the outside area has been used to hold a male group of Ring-tailed lemurs.

Question 4: The third hall contains Amazon fish including ________, glass knifefish, lungfish and stingray.
ChordateElectricityElectric eelActinopterygii

Question 5: He unfortunately became aggressive in old age, and had to stop giving rides; he was sold to Phineas Barnum's circus, the Barnum & Bailey Circus, in 1882, where he was later crushed by a ________ and killed.
Steam locomotiveLocomotiveTrainRail transport

Question 6:
Where is London Zoo?

Question 7: [51] In the past it has been home to Polar bears, ________, Snow Leopards and other mountain creatures.
CattleGoat-antelopeCapra (genus)Ovis

Question 8: [5] The Society also has a more spacious site at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in ________ to which the larger animals such as elephants and rhinos have been moved.

Question 9: This includes ________, tucunare, tambaqui and pirapitinga.

Question 10: The Round House opened in 1933, it was first built to accommodate a pair of gorillas, since it has been home to orangutans, macaques, binturong, koalas and a breeding colony of ________.
Common ChimpanzeeChimpanzeeHumanBonobo


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