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Question 1: In 1615, the shareholders of the Virginia Company created a new company, the ________, which continued to operate Bermuda, subsequently, also known officially as The Somers Isles (for the Admiral of the Virginia Company, Sir George Somers) until it, too, was dissolved in 1684.
Sea VentureSomers Isles CompanyJohn RolfeLondon Company

Question 2: But the colony was still on shaky ground until ________'s successful experiment with tobacco as a cash crop provided a way to recoup financially.
Christopher NewportStarving TimeJohn RolfeJamestown Settlement

Question 3: Deciding to move the encampment, on May 24, 1607 they established the Jamestown Settlement on the James River about 40 miles (64 km) upstream from the mouth of the ________.
Delmarva PeninsulaAllegheny MountainsChesapeake BayBlue Ridge Mountains

Question 4: The Virginia Company quickly published an account of this attack which was steeped in ________ theology--the massacre was the work of Providence in that it gave a justification for the complete genocide of the Powhatans, and the building of settlements on their former towns.
CalvinismCovenant theologyArminianismProtestant Reformation

Question 5: When he became Treasurer of the Company in 1619, he moved forward to populate the colony and earn a protective status for the ________ crop which had become the cash crop of Virginia.
TobaccoTobacco productsNicotianaTobacco smoking

Question 6: Later in 1607, the Plymouth Company established its Popham Colony in present day ________, but it was abandoned after about a year.
ConnecticutMaineNew HampshireMassachusetts

Question 7: In 1644, the ________ erupted.
Thomas DaleJohn Smith (explorer)Samuel ArgallAnglo–Powhatan Wars

Question 8: Attempts at producing glass, pitch, tar and ________ had been barely profitable, and such commodities could be had far more cheaply on the other side of the Atlantic.
United StatesPotassiumPotashRussia

Question 9: The Virginia Assembly finally received royal approval, in 1627, and this form of government, with governor and assembly, would oversee the colony of Virginia until 1776, excepting only the years of the ________.
Oliver CromwellCharles II of EnglandCharles I of EnglandCommonwealth of England

Question 10: The London Company made landfall on April 26, 1607 at the southern edge of the mouth of the ________, which they named Cape Henry, in present day Virginia Beach.
Delmarva PeninsulaAllegheny MountainsChesapeake BayBlue Ridge Mountains


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