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Question 1: From the combined testimony of Strabo (AD 20) and Tacitus (AD 117), the Lombards dwelt near the mouth of the ________ shortly after the beginning of the Christian era, next to the Chauci.
GermanyElbeCzech RepublicHamburg

Question 2: The Beneventan rite is more closely related to the liturgy of the ________ than the Roman rite.
Ambrosian RiteAspergesMass (liturgy)Tridentine Mass

Question 3: They established a Lombard Kingdom, later named Kingdom of Italy, which lasted until 774, when it was conquered by the ________.
LombardsFranksGermanic peoplesSaxons

Question 4: Charlemagne took part of the Lombard territory to create the ________.
Papal StatesCatholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope John Paul II

Question 5: From the 2nd century onwards, many of the Germanic tribes of the era of the Tiberian emperors started to unite into bigger tribal unions, resulting in the Franks, ________, Bavarii, and Saxons.
SuebiAlamanniGermanic peoplesLombards

Question 6: His successor was Agilulf, duke of ________, who in 591, also married Theodelinda.

Question 7: [44][45] In Vurgundaib, the Lombards were stormed in camp by "________" (probably Huns)[46] and were defeated; King Agelmund was killed.
ChuvashiaKhazarsBulgarsTurkic peoples

Question 8: In the summer of 569, the Lombards conquered the main Roman centre of northern Italy, ________.
MilanCorbetta, ItalyParabiagoRome

Question 9: Benevento meanwhile grew to its greatest extent yet when it imposed a tribute on the Duchy of Naples, which was tenuously loyal to Byzantium and even conquered the Neapolitan city of ________ in 838.
SalernoNocera InferioreAltavilla SilentinaAmalfi

Question 10: In 589, he married Theodelinda, daughter of the ________, Garibald I of Bavaria.
History of BavariaList of rulers of BavariaHouse of WittelsbachList of Bavarian consorts

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