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Question 1: It is assumed that the Ottoman village was founded in 1695 by Kara Mustafa and Murad Bey, who were defeated at ________ in 1683 and who came here sailing rafts along the Danube.

Question 2: The second biggest religious group is ________-adventists and baptists.
ProtestantismChristian denominationEcumenismChristianity

Question 3: Monument of Tseko Voivoda (1807-1881), a participant in the battles for liberation of ________ and proclaimed by the Serbian government to be a voyvoda (revolutionary leader)
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegroBelgradeSerbia

Question 4: Lom (Bulgarian: Лом) is a town in northwestern Bulgaria, part of Montana Province, situated on the right bank of the ________, close to the estuary of the Lom River.

Question 5: Lom Peak on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, ________ is named after Lom.
Atacama DesertKalahari DesertDesertAntarctica

Question 6: It was not until Ottoman rule that it enlarged but for a long time it was under the shadow of the dominant towns of Vidin, Nikopol and ________.

Question 7: Lom was founded by the ________ under the name of Artanes in Antiquity.
DaciansThraciansScythiansSlavic peoples

Question 8: The ________ at Lom, with Romania on the other bank of the river

Question 9: There are no reports proving that there existed a big settlement in the ________.
Late Middle AgesEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 10: It is the second most important Bulgarian port on the Danube after ________.
Ruse, BulgariaSofiaLom, BulgariaVidin

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