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Lollardy: Quiz


Question 1: Among those opposing it was Thomas Arundel, ________.
Archbishop of CanterburyChurch of EnglandThomas CranmerRowan Williams

Question 2: These were seen as corrupt since they distracted ________ from other work and that all should be prayed for equally.
Liturgical bookPriestLutheranismBishop

Question 3: Also denounced in the Conclusions were war, violence, and ________.
Abortion lawAbortifacientFetal rightsAbortion

Question 4: The term was coined by the ________ cleric, Henry Crumpe, but the origin of the term is uncertain.
Anglo-IrishNorthern IrelandIrelandIrish people

Question 5: A variety of other martyrs for the Lollard cause were executed over the following century, including Thomas Harding who died at White Hill, ________, in 1532, one of the last Lollards to be persecuted.
Milton KeynesHigh WycombeAmershamChesham

Question 6: Denying any special authority to the priesthood, Lollards thought ________ unnecessary since a priest did not have any special power to forgive sins.
ConfessionOrthodox ChurchAbsolutionAltar

Question 7: Unfortunately, Henry IV turned out to be a very enthusiastic opponent of the ________, and through legislation such as the Act De haeretico comburendo of 1401, showed himself virulently opposed to any such sentiments.
John WycliffeEnglish ReformationCatholic ChurchLollardy

Question 8: The Lollards - a sympathetic view of the Lollards from an ________ perspective
AnabaptistChristian denominationChristianityProtestant Reformation

Question 9: Believing that more attention should be given to the message in the scriptures rather than to ceremony and worship, the Lollards denounced the ritualistic aspects of the Church such as transubstantiation, ________, pilgrimages, and blessings.
GhostDemonic possessionNear death experienceExorcism

Question 10: after the ________, Lolhard, who converted to the Waldensian way, becoming eminent as a preacher in Guienne.
CarmelitesCatholic religious orderDominican OrderFranciscan


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