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Question 1: Drainage pattern, typical of hilly terrain, is in a sub–dendritic, sub–parallel and sub – radial;which is dictated by the ________ and lithology of the area.
Biological organisationEcosystemStructureHierarchy

Question 2: The Southern Zone encompasses the ________, Ungamel and Kumbi pats at the souther part of the lake and the zone is linked with Khuga River by the Ungamel channel.
Silent Valley National ParkIndira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National ParkOrang National ParkKeibul Lamjao National Park

Question 3: In the central part of the lake water fowls, including dabbling ducks and diving ________ are reported but their numbers are declining due to proliferation of phumdis.

Question 4: Species of hornbills found are the Brown-backed Hornbill, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, the Pied Hornbill and the Great Pied ________.

Question 5: [3] But in the declining trend of vegetation, the important ________ recorded are as under.

Question 6: It serves as a source of water for ________ generation, irrigation and drinking water supply.
HydroelectricityDamSmall hydroHydropower

Question 7: During January to March, phumdis in this area are usually burnt for construction of fish cum paddy farms; many large fish farms with raised ________ have been built.
LeveeMountain rangeMountainLandform

Question 8: ________ limestone, the Disang with Serpentinites (Lower to Middle Eocene–Upper cretaceous), the Surmas and the Tipams (Miocene) are the dominant rock formations in the catchment of the Manipur basin.
Geologic time scaleCretaceous–Tertiary extinction eventCretaceousDinosaur

Question 9: Production of the edible ________ and rhizome (Thamchet and Thambou) of lotus plants has decreased to a great extent.
VegetableSeedFruitFlowering plant

Question 10: This ancient lake plays an important role in the economy of ________.


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