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Lohana: Quiz


Question 1: Many of them can be found in North West London and ________.

Question 2: King Dahir ruled for a while from Narayankot (today's ________).
Hyderabad, SindhSukkurKarachiMultan

Question 3: ________ - Founder of Reliance Industries
MumbaiRajiv GandhiDhirubhai AmbaniIndia

Question 4: From the elder son Luv, the Lohanas are supposed to be originated along with ________ (later settled in North-East and some Western part i.e.
BiharMaharashtraKurmiUttar Pradesh

Question 5: Those Lohanas who converted to ________ are known as Memons.
Islamic schools and branchesAliSunni IslamRashidun

Question 6: Also English in the UK, USA and Canada, Arabic in ________
Non-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence AgencyNATOAfghanistan

Question 7: Many migrated to far-off regions like Kutchchh, Saurashtra and Gujarat and gradually became a trader community like ________ and Baranwals.
KhatriGujjarAgrawalPunjabi Banias

Question 8: Those who converted to Shia Ismaili Nizari Islam or became Ismaili ________ Muslims are known as Khojas.
NizariShia IslamIsmailismHashshashin

Question 9: Ismaili Dai' ________ converted many of them to the Ismaili sect of Islam.
IsmailismShia IslamDawoodi BohraPir Sadardin

Question 10: The ________ (Sonara) community, also affiliated with the Sindhi Lohana faction of the warrior Kshatriya caste of Hindu society, were mostly in the jewellery business.
SukkurIndian National ArmyKhudabadi Sindhi SwarankarSubhas Chandra Bose


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