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Question 1: The ________ logo can be identified in any language because of the standard color and the well known "ribbon wave" design.
Tab (soft drink)OK SodaCoca-ColaInca Kola

Question 2: Some well-known logos include ________'s apple with a bite missing, which started out as a rainbow of color, and has been reduced to a single color without any loss of recognition.
MacintoshMac OS XIntel CorporationApple Inc.

Question 3: ________'s script is known worldwide, but is best associated with the color red; its main competitor, Pepsi has taken the color blue, although they have abandoned their script logo.
Tab (soft drink)OK SodaCoca-ColaInca Kola

Question 4: However, ________ is considered the father of corporate identity and his work has been seminal in launching this field.
LogoPaul RandJohn DeweyArt Directors Club

Question 5: In non-profit areas, the Red Cross (which goes by ________ in Muslim countries) is an example of an extremely well known emblem which does not need an accompanying name.
International Red Cross and Red Crescent MovementAmerican Red CrossAustrian Red CrossMagen David Adom

Question 6: Spain, Italy, Turkey and The Islands of The ________, that identify them in marketing their country solely for tourism purposes.
Antigua and BarbudaBarbadosThe BahamasBelize

Question 7: A logo is a ________ mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition.
GraphicsGraphic designComputer graphicsDrawing

Question 8: ________, also known as "Big Blue" has simplified their logo over the years, and their name.
General ElectricIBMIntel CorporationHewlett-Packard

Question 9: The ________ of late-19th century, partially in response to the excesses of Victorian typography, aimed to restore an honest sense of craftsmanship to the mass-produced goods of the era.
American CraftsmanArts and Crafts MovementVictoria and Albert MuseumArt Nouveau

Question 10: When ________ started Nike, he was hoping to find a mark as recognizable as the Adidas stripes, which also provided reinforcement to the shoe.
John F. KennedyJack KempPhil KnightBill Bowerman

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