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Loglan: Quiz


Question 1: James Cooke Brown with the goal of making a ________ so different from natural languages that people learning it would think in a different way if the hypothesis were true.

Question 2: Loglan is a constructed language originally designed for linguistic research, particularly for investigating the ________.
Noam ChomskyLinguistic relativityGeneral semanticsLinguistics

Question 3: James Cooke Brown, "Loglan" in ________, June 1960.
Nature BiotechnologyNature (journal)Scientific AmericanScientific American Mind

Question 4: Because of this, a group of his followers later formed The Logical Language Group to create the language ________ along the same principles, but with the intention to make it freely available and encourage its use as a real language.
EsperantoInterlinguaLojbanToki Pona

Question 5: Loglan is the first among, and the main inspiration for, the languages known as logical languages, which also includes ________ and Ceqli.
EsperantoToki PonaInterlinguaLojban


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