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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Logistic function have?
Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding
Sigmoid Function
Look What Happened

Question 2: The logistic function is the solution of the simple[2] first-order non-linear ________
Differential equationDynamical systems theoryMathematicsCalculus

Question 3: This equation is the continuous version of the ________.
Logistic mapDynamical systemChaos theoryAttractor

Question 4: An important application of the logistic function is in the ________, used in item response theory.
PhysicsPsychometricsLouis Leon ThurstoneRasch model

Question 5: In linguistics, the logistic function is supposed to model ________[9].
Language changeEnglish languageHistorical linguisticsSyntactic change

Question 6: the ________) lead to faster convergence when training networks with backpropagation.
Trigonometric functionsExponential functionHyperbolic functionTaylor series

Question 7: where the constant r defines the growth rate and K is the ________.
Carrying capacityOptimum Population TrustEcological footprintOverpopulation

Question 8: Letting P represent population size (N is often used in ecology instead) and t represent time, this model is formalized by the ________:
Differential equationCalculusDynamical systems theoryMathematics

Question 9: These relationships result in simplified implementations of ________ with artificial neurons.
Artificial intelligenceComputational neurosciencePredictive analyticsArtificial neural network

Question 10: Logistic functions are used in several roles in ________.
StatisticsProbabilityRegression analysisMathematical statistics

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