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Logical consequence: Quiz


Question 1: This is (roughly) the account favored by intuitionists such as ________.
Ludwig WittgensteinMichael DummettSaul KripkeWillard Van Orman Quine

Question 2: Logical consequences or inferences by deductive reasoning are a major aspect of epistemology that communicates to the general public hypotheses about ________ of risk factors.
AristotleImmanuel KantCausalityDeterminism

Question 3: The accounts discussed above all yield ________ consequence relations, i.e.
Monotonic functionFunction (mathematics)Order theoryDerivative

Question 4: These explanations and definitions tend to be circular; the provision of a satisfactory account of logical consequence and entailment is an important topic of ________.
Outline of philosophyPhilosophy of logicLogical positivismAristotle

Question 5: ________, 1936, "On the concept of logical consequence." Reprinted in Tarski, A., 1983.
Mathematical logicFirst-order logicKurt GödelAlfred Tarski

Question 6: 'It is necessary that' is often cashed out as a universal quantifier over ________, so that the accounts above translate as:
AristotleModal logicSaul KripkePossible world

Question 7: It is the relation that holds between a set of sentences (or propositions) and a sentence (proposition) when the former ________ the latter.
Material conditionalTruth tablePropositional calculusEntailment

Question 8: Logical consequence is a fundamental concept in ________.


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