Logic: Quiz


Question 1: Half of the works of Aristotle's ________ treat inference as it occurs in an informal setting, side by side with the development of the syllogistic, and in the Aristotelian school, these informal works on logic were seen as complementary to Aristotle's treatment of rhetoric.
Corpus AristotelicumOrganonTerm logicCommentaries on Aristotle

Question 2: His work unleashed a torrent of new work on the topic, expanding the kinds of modality treated to include ________ and epistemic logic.
Modal logicAristotleDeontic logicEpistemic modal logic

Question 3: ________ was deeply critical of any simplified notion of the Law of Non-Contradiction.
Immanuel KantGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich NietzscheThomas Aquinas

Question 4: Logic programming systems such as ________ compute the consequences of the axioms and rules in order to answer a query.
C Sharp (programming language)Pascal (programming language)C++Prolog

Question 5:
Logic, Statistics and Artificial intelligence are all:
Logic Formal sciences Greek loanwords Abstraction

Question 6: ________, the main proponent of dialetheism, has argued for paraconsistency on the grounds that there are in fact, true contradictions.
Paraconsistent logicAnalytic philosophyLogicGraham Priest

Question 7: Argumentation theory is now applied in ________ and law.
Karl PopperArtificial intelligenceRené DescartesDaniel Dennett

Question 8: ________ was proposed by L.E.J. Brouwer as the correct logic for reasoning about mathematics, based upon his rejection of the law of the excluded middle as part of his intuitionism.
Intuitionistic logicMathematical logicPropositional calculusFirst-order logic

Question 9: Analytic
Karl MarxMarxismDialectical materialismDialectic

Question 10: During the later medieval period, major efforts were made to show that Aristotle's ideas were compatible with ________ faith.
ChristianCatholic ChurchJesusChristianity

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