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Loganberry: Quiz


Question 1: A use common to Southern Ontario, ________, and Western New York, USA, is Loganberry Juice.
CanadaUnited StatesUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 2: 'Aunt Rosie's' is distributed by the local ________ bottling operation out of Buffalo and is found in local restaurants and establishments.
Jones SodaPepsiCoCoca-ColaPepsi

Question 3: The loganberry is generally thought to be derived from a cross between the European red raspberry ________ 'Red Antwerp' and the American blackberry cultivar 'Aughinburgh'.
Genera PlantarumCultigenBotanical nameCultivar

Question 4: The canes are not as upright as its raspberry parent and tend to vine more like its ________ parent.
RubusHerbalismRubus armeniacusBlackberry

Question 5: It was accidentally created in 1880 or 1881 in ________, by the American lawyer and horticulturist James Harvey Logan (1841-1928).
San Jose, CaliforniaSalinas, CaliforniaWatsonville, CaliforniaSanta Cruz, California

Question 6: The loganberry (Rubus × loganobaccus) is a hybrid produced from crossing a ________ and a raspberry.
BlackberryRubus armeniacusAntioxidantHerbalism

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