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Question 1: The ordered list of loci known for a particular genome is called a ________.
ChromosomeMeiosisGenetic linkageMendelian inheritance

Question 2: The ends of a chromosome are labeled "ptel" and "qtel", and so "2qtel" refers to the ________ of the long arm of chromosome 2.
Sex-determination systemKaryotypeTelomerePolyploidy

Question 3: In the fields of genetics and evolutionary computation, a locus (plural loci) is the specific location of a gene or DNA sequence on a ________.
ChromosomeKaryotypeChromosomal translocationAutosome

Question 4: ________ and polyploid cells whose chromosomes have the same allele of a given gene at some locus are called homozygous with respect to that gene, while those that have different alleles of a given gene at a locus, heterozygous with respect to that gene.
PolyploidyPloidyKaryotypeChromosomal translocation


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