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Locri: Quiz


Question 1: The town was finally destroyed by the ________ in 915.
Roman EmpireSaracenArab peopleByzantine Empire

Question 2: During the Pyrrhic Wars (280-275 BC) fought between ________ and Rome, Locris accepted a Roman garrison and fought against the Epirote king.
Antigonus II GonatasPyrrhus of EpirusAlexander the GreatDemetrius I of Macedon

Question 3: ________ suggests that it was the Ozolae who were the main founders.

Question 4: In the early centuries Locris was allied with ________, and later with Syracuse.
Ancient GreeceClassical AthensSpartaAncient Greek warfare

Question 5: Locri is a town and comune (municipality) in the province of Reggio Calabria, ________, southern Italy.

Question 6: Locris was the site of two great sanctuaries, that of Persephone — here worshipped as the protector of fertile marriage — and of ________.
AresApolloAphroditeGreek mythology

Question 7: ________ called it "The flower of Italy", due to the local peoples' characteristics.
Bertrand RussellImmanuel KantAristotlePlato


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