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Lockheed D-21/M-21: Quiz


Question 1: Museum of Aviation, ________, Georgia (GTD-21B #538) [7]
Wright-Patterson Air Force BaseRobins Air Force BaseMcGuire Air Force BaseEglin Air Force Base

Question 2:
Which of the following are related to Lockheed D-21/M-21?
SEAT Toledo Mk3
The Golden Girls
Audi A3 Mk2
* Lockheed A-12n* Lockheed YF-12n* SR-71 Blackbird

Question 3: After the downing of ________' U-2 in 1960, concepts for drones were proposed.
F-84 ThunderjetJet aircraftMikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19Francis Gary Powers

Question 4:
What is Lockheed D-21/M-21's current status?
In museums
Munro Top

Question 5:
What type is thing is Lockheed D-21/M-21?
Studio Album
High-altitude reconnaissance aircraft and drone

Question 6: Kelly Johnson wanted to power the Q-12 with a ramjet engine built by Marquardt for the ________ BOMARC long-range surface-to-air missile.
Kraft FoodsBoeingMcDonald'sCaterpillar Inc.

Question 7:
How many Lockheed D-21/M-21s have been built?
KC-10: 60
M-21: 2, D-21A/B: 38

Question 8: ________ covers that were in place over the intake and exhaust were removed after the first few tests, as it was unable to drop them at Mach 3 without damaging the M-21 and/or D-21.
Fluid dynamicsBernoulli's principleAerodynamicsNavier–Stokes equations

Question 9: Evergreen Aviation Museum, ________ (D-21B #534)
Hillsboro, OregonMcMinnville, OregonMonmouth, OregonNewberg, Oregon

Question 10: The mothballed drones were passed off to ________, which took four.
Human spaceflightSpace RaceSpace explorationNASA


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