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Loch Ness Monster: Quiz


Question 1: The term "monster" was reportedly applied for the first time to the creature on 2 May 1933 by Alex Campbell, the ________ for Loch Ness and a part-time journalist, in a report in the Inverness Courier.
Water bailiffHome OfficeCommunity Safety Accreditation SchemeTipstaff

Question 2: Several of the photographs, despite their obviously murky quality, did indeed seem to show an animal resembling a ________ in various positions and lightings.

Question 3:
What is Loch Ness Monster's current status?
Updating every day

Question 4: The Deep Star III built by ________ and an unnamed two-man submersible built by Westinghouse were scheduled to sail but never did.
General DynamicsGeneral Dynamics Electric BoatM1 AbramsGulfstream Aerospace

Question 5: In 1979 it was claimed to be a picture of an ________ (see below).
HippopotamusElephantAsian ElephantLion

Question 6:
Where does Loch Ness Monster come from?

Question 7: Loch Ness has resident ________ and pictures of them are given by Binns,[68] which could be misinterpreted.
OtterSea otterRed FoxRaccoon

Question 8: In other words, the kelpie of ________ has been transformed into a more realistic and contemporary notion of the creature.

Question 9: The study did not focus entirely on the monster, but on the loch's ________ (of which a new species was discovered) and fish.

Question 10: Against this, it has been argued that all known species of ________ are usually visible on land during daylight hours to sunbathe,[74] something that Nessie is not known to do.
Sea otterCarnivoraRaccoonPinniped

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