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Local government in the United States: Quiz


Question 1: Finally, in some places the different tiers are merged together, for example as a ________.
BostonConsolidated city–countyDenverIndependent city

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Local government in the United States have?
Local areas
Conseiller local de Yanaon
Local government in the United States by political division
Minister of Local Self-Government in Madras Presidency

Question 3: ________ has several different and overlapping forms of local government.
CaliforniaSacramento, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan Jose, California

Question 4: Depending on the state, such a city is known as either an independent city or a ________.
DenverConsolidated city–countyBostonMegalopolis (city type)

Question 5: While their territory nominally falls within the boundaries of individual states, ________ actually function outside of their control.
CityIndian reserveIndian reservationRanchería

Question 6: All the states are divided into counties or county-equivalents (referred to as parishes in Louisiana and boroughs in ________), though only a portion of Alaska is so divided.
AlaskaNorthwestern United StatesUnited StatesWashington

Question 7: In addition to the above, there are also often local or regional ________ that exist for specific purposes, such as to provide fire protection, sewer service, transit service or to manage water resources.
IllinoisOff-budget enterpriseUnited States ConstitutionSpecial-purpose district

Question 8: )* note: Municipalities are any incorporated places, such as ________, towns, villages, boroughs, etc.
MunicipalityIndependent cityCountyCity

Question 9: ________/finance - often tax collection, audits
AccountancyBalance sheetProto-ElamiteSarbanes–Oxley Act

Question 10: There are also thousands of "________", which are areas with a defined territory in which a specific service is provided, such as schools or fire stations.
IllinoisOff-budget enterpriseSpecial-purpose districtUnited States Constitution


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