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Question 1: Also, famed songwriter Lou Reed produced a version of the self-titled 3rd album by his band, ________.
John CaleThe Velvet UndergroundExploding Plastic InevitableAndy Warhol

Question 2: Dog, Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, Beulah, ________, The Microphones, and The Shins.
Of MontrealThe Late B.P. HeliumKevin BarnesDottie Alexander

Question 3: Varg Vikernes of legendary Black Metal band ________ was also known to purposely use extremely lo-fi recording techniques on his albums.
Hliðskjálf (album)Dauði BaldrsBurzumBurzum (album)

Question 4: There is also an even newer trend of Lo-fi Goth bands, which incorporate influence from Noise, ________, new wave, and hardcore punk.
Post-punkPunk rockDeathrockPsychobilly

Question 5: A seminal early example of this was the 1976 home-made debut album Phonography by pioneer DIY popster ________.
Record labelElvis PresleyRock musicR. Stevie Moore

Question 6: Currently, there is a growing scene of lo-fi bands in the United States and ________.
BarbadosUnited KingdomBelizeCanada

Question 7: Some posthumous ________ demos were also overdubbed for commercial release.
Bob DylanHank WilliamsHank Williams, Jr.Country music

Question 8: Many lo-fi artists use inexpensive ________ recorders.
Gramophone recordCompact DiscCompact CassetteReel-to-reel audio tape recording

Question 9: In a later era, ________ recorded some songs in a converted garage.
Rock musicBob DylanBuddy HollyRockabilly

Question 10: The greatest example is the ________ album Transilvanian Hunger, though almost all of their albums have an intentionally "lo-fi" sound quality.
Under a Funeral MoonDarkthronePanzerfaust (album)Circle the Wagons


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