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Lizardmen (Warhammer): Quiz


Question 1: Armies of Saurus destroyed unwanted races, and the Old Ones created the races of ________ (powerful magicians), Dwarfs (magic resistant), and Men.
Germanic paganismElfYuleThor

Question 2: In earlier versions of the setting (up to and including the 3rd edition of ________ and the 1st edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) there was a separate Slann army based in Lustria.
Man O' War (game)WarmasterWarhammer Fantasy BattleBlood Bowl

Question 3: These bloated, ancient creatures resemble giant ________ and are extremely adept at using magic, though their bodies are frail and weak.
True toadPoison dart frogMicrohylidaeFrog

Question 4: Once the army of Hexoatl even invaded ________ to recover the Star Stela of Quetli from Clar Karond.
LustriaNaggarothDark Elves (Warhammer)Kaela Mensha Khaine


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