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Liz Lemon: Quiz


Question 1: [25] Her drink of choice is ________ and she is obsessed with men in green tights.
Pinot grisChardonnayGew├╝rztraminerPinot noir

Question 2:
What did Liz Lemon do for a living?
Head writer for TGS with Tracy Jordan, Host of Dealbreakers, author
MLA, Founder of Vasanth & Co and Vasanth TV
Martial Artist
Jam manufacturer

Question 3:
On what date was Liz Lemon born?
November 1970

Question 4: This relationship culminated when Jack, after being told he was to be the next Chairman of ________, named Liz as his Vice President and successor.
General ElectricNBCVivendiNBC Universal

Question 5: Liz was dating Dennis Duffy, her on-again-off-again boyfriend, until she learned that he was an online sexual predator after seeing him on ________, where he was caught in one of their hidden camera investigations.
Weekend TodayDateline NBCToday (NBC program)NBC Nightly News

Question 6:
What is Liz Lemon's nickname?
J Moz
Joe Cool
"LL", "Dummy", "Liz Lemon Cool J"

Question 7:
Who out of the following people is credited as a creator of Liz Lemon?

Question 8:
What religion does Liz Lemon adhere to?
Unclassified Personal Beliefs
Canyon Ridge Christian Church

Question 9: Liz was inspired to become a writer by Rosemary Howard, the first female head writer of ________.
Rowan & Martin's Laugh-InThe Red Skelton ShowThe Sonny & Cher Comedy HourThe Carol Burnett Show

Question 10:
Who portrayed Liz Lemon?

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