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Question 1: Partly because of the recurring devastation of war and the mingling of refugees which those entailed, the Livonians of ________ were eventually completely assimilated by the Latvians.
Livonian CrusadeLivonian peopleEstoniaLivonia

Question 2: Subsequently, the Western villages of the Livonian Coast had to be almost completely evacuated when the ________ made its Baltic coastline (its Western border) a "closed border area" where no one was allowed to live.
RussiaJoseph StalinSoviet UnionEast Germany

Question 3: In the middle of the 16th Century the Livonian Order as well as the independent bishoprics were in turmoil because of the growing influence of ________'s Reformation.
Martin LutherPhilipp MelanchthonLutheranismSacramental union

Question 4: Because of the ongoing resistance of the Latvian tribes, the Knights of the Sword eventually had to look for support to the much more powerful Teutonic Order, which up until then was active primarily in Poland and ________.

Question 5: Most of them spent the war years in Riga or Western Latvia, but some fled across the ________ to Gotland.
Arctic OceanBlack SeaNorth SeaBaltic Sea

Question 6: The ________ the following year ended the war between Germany and Soviet Russia and left the Baltic region firmly in German hands.
World War ITreaty of Brest-LitovskEastern Front (World War I)Treaty of Sèvres

Question 7: ________ continued to be ruled by its Dukes for another three quarters of a century, but in 1795 that region also became a Russian possession as part of the Third Partition of Poland.
Baltic SeaCourlandEstoniaLatvia

Question 8: And in the Treaty of Nystad (1721), ________ and Livonia, which were at that point after more than twenty years of war again completely devastated, were claimed by Russia.

Question 9: However, after the German capitulation in 1919, the Baltic peoples rose up and established the independent republics of ________, Latvia and Lithuania.

Question 10: In the Great Northern War (1700–1721) ________ Peter the Great utterly destroyed Sweden's pretensions to being a regional superpower.
TsarRussiaKievan Rus'Emperor


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