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Livonian Crusade: Quiz


Question 1: The lands on the eastern shores of the ________ were the last corners of Europe to be Christianized.
Black SeaNorth SeaArctic OceanBaltic Sea

Question 2: After the defeat in the Battle of Saule by Samogitians and Semigallians the remnants of Swordbrothers were reorganised in 1237 as a subdivision of the ________ and became known as the Livonian Order.
GermanyThirteen Years' War (1454–66)Holy Roman EmpireTeutonic Knights

Question 3: After the success of the ________, the German- and Danish-occupied territory was divided into six feudal principalities by William of Modena.
Counter-ReformationCrusadesFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsEast–West Schism

Question 4: By 1208 important Daugava trade posts of ________ (Holme), Koknese (Kokenhusen) and Sēlpils (Selburg) had been taken over as a result of campaigns led by Albert.

Question 5: With the help of the newly converted local tribes of Livs and Latgalians in 1208, the crusaders initiated raids into Sakala and ________ in Southern Estonia.
Lääne CountyUgandi CountySaare CountyUngannians

Question 6: At the end of 1224 ________ announced to all Christendom the appointment of Bishop William of Modena as papal legate for Livonia, Prussia, and other countries.
Pope Innocent IIIPope Boniface VIIIPope Honorius IVPope Honorius III

Question 7: The Christian kingdoms of ________ and Sweden were also eager for expansion on the eastern shores of the Baltic.

Question 8: The Livonian Crusade[1][2] refers to the German and Danish conquest and colonization of medieval Livonia, the territory constituting modern Latvia and ________, during the Northern Crusades.

Question 9: ________, which were the key centers of Estonian counties, were besieged and captured a number of times.
Hill fortFortificationDefensive wallCastle

Question 10: Pope Celestine III called for a crusade against pagans in ________ in 1193.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeCentral EuropeNorthern Europe


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