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Question 1: It is a matter of debate among military historians whether there were any real plans for the creation of such suicidal units, or whether it was purely a matter of ________.
PropagandaIndoctrinationDisinformationAd hominem

Question 2: June 20, 1939, Kurier Poranny writes: "Among huge number of volunteers for the living torpedoes, there is a German man, named Karol Lange, who is a farmer living in the ________ county.

Question 3: Also, as early as spring 1937 a man from ________, Stanisław Chojecki, had written a letter to Edward Rydz-Śmigły, offering a similar ultimate sacrifice.

Question 4: Living torpedoes (Polish: Żywe torpedy; also Straceńcy — “Desperates”) was a social and military phenomenon which began in the Second Polish Republic in mid-1939, when the threat from ________ became real.
Adolf HitlerAxis powersNazismNazi Germany

Question 5: It all started on May 5, 1939, when ________ officially demanded the Free City of Danzig and the Polish Corridor.
SchutzstaffelNazi GermanyAdolf HitlerNazi Party

Question 6: Presumably, they were supposed to man underwater ________, aimed at the destruction of German warships.
FrogmanBritish commando frogmenDecima Flottiglia MASHuman torpedo

Question 7: It is not exactly known what the ________ was going to use these people for.
Polish Armed ForcesKTO RosomakPolandPolish Land Forces

Question 8: The search for volunteers turned into a popular patriotic movement which lasted until the first day of World War II — September 1, 1939, the day the ________ began.
History of Poland (1939–1945)Invasion of PolandEastern Front (World War II)Warsaw Uprising

Question 9: The idea for creating the ________ unit was very similar to the famous Japanese kamikaze pilots — males and females willing to sacrifice their lives to defend their homeland.
British commando frogmenFrogmanDecima Flottiglia MASHuman torpedo


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