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Living systems theory: Quiz


Question 1: It explicates the role of entropy in social research while it equates ________ with information and order.
Statistical mechanicsNegentropyGibbs free energyExergy

Question 2: Regardless of their ________, they each depend upon the same essential twenty subsystems (or processes) in order to survive and to continue the propagation of their species or types beyond a single generation".
SociologyComplex systemComplexitySystems theory

Question 3: Seppänen (1998) says that Miller applied ________ on a broad scale to describe all aspects of living systems” [4]
Niklas LuhmannTalcott ParsonsSociologySystems theory

Question 4: Living systems can be as simple as a single cell or as complex as a supranational ________ such as the European Union.
OrganizationOrganization developmentOrganizational studiesManagement

Question 5: Below the level of living systems, he defines space and time, matter and ________, information and entropy, levels of organization, and physical and conceptual factors, and above living systems ecological, planetary and solar systems, galaxies, and so forth.
Classical mechanicsEnergyForceUniverse

Question 6: Living systems theory is a general theory about the existence of all living systems, their ________, interaction, behavior and development.
StructureHierarchyBiological organisationEcosystem

Question 7: Living systems. New York: ________.
Standard & Poor'sMcGraw-HillPlattsWRTV

Question 8: Living systems according to Parent (1996) are by definition "open self-organizing ________ that have the special characteristics of life and interact with their environment.
SystemSystems scienceSystems theorySociology

Question 9: Miller considers living systems as a subset of all ________.
Systems theorySociologySystems scienceSystem

Question 10: He constructed a general theory of living systems by focusing on concrete systems—nonrandom accumulations of matter-energy in physical space-time organized into interacting, interrelated ________ or components.
Systems theorySystemSociologySystems science


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