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Question 1: ________ kneed Tito Ortiz in the liver during their 2008 UFC fight.
Anderson SilvaUFC 94Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipLyoto Machida

Question 2: Sam Stout hit ________ with a brutal liver shot during their April 18, 2009 bout at UFC 97 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Matt WimanGray MaynardB.J. PennManvel Gamburyan

Question 3: ________ left hooked Oscar De La Hoya on the liver on their September 18, 2004 bout in the middleweight division.
Bernard HopkinsAntonio TarverRoy Jones, Jr.Bernard Hopkins vs. Felix Trinidad

Question 4: ________ incapacitated Charles McCarthy with a spinning back kick to the liver in their 2005 UFC fight.
UFC 58UFC 42Rich FranklinDavid Loiseau

Question 5: Rich Franklin caused ________ to collapse by kicking him in the liver, resulting in a victory by TKO during their September 9, 2008 bout at UFC 88.
Tito OrtizKen ShamrockMatt HamillUltimate Fighting Championship

Question 6: Bas Rutten repeatedly knocked down ________ with liver punches during their 1996 Pancrase fight, earning a TKO victory.
Keiichiro YamamiyaIkuhisa MinowaJason DeLuciaKazuo Takahashi

Question 7: ________ dropped Sammy Morgan with a liver kick in their 2007 Strikeforce fight, resulting in a TKO.
Strikeforce: Shamrock vs. BaroniCung LeMixed martial artsFrank Shamrock

Question 8: ________ incapacitated Ivan Salaverry with a spinning back kick to the liver in their 2001 Shooto fight.
Akihiro GonoGegard MousasiHayato SakuraiDenis Kang

Question 9: A liver shot is a punch, ________, or knee strike to the right side of the ribcage that damages the liver.
Shōrinji-ryūKarateKickOkinawan martial arts

Question 10: ________ popularized both the term "liver shot" and the use of this tactic in mixed martial arts.
Frank ShamrockBas RuttenUltimate Fighting ChampionshipKen Shamrock


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