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Question 1: If the diagnosis is already clear, such as chronic ________ or hepatitis C, liver biopsy is useful to assess the severity of the associated liver damage.
Hepatitis BHerpes simplex virusHerpes simplexAIDS

Question 2: [1] Liver biopsies can also be done during weight loss surgery, to look for ________.
HepatitisNon-alcoholic fatty liver diseaseCirrhosisAscending cholangitis

Question 3: FibroScan is a type of ________ that uses transient elastography to measure liver stiffness.
Abdominal ultrasonographyMedical ultrasonographyObstetric ultrasonographyRadiology

Question 4: It is a medical test that is done to aid diagnosis of ________, to assess the severity of known liver disease, and to monitor the progress of treatment.
Pancreatic diseaseStomach diseaseLiver diseaseEsophageal disease

Question 5: Liver biopsy is often required for the diagnosis of a liver problem (jaundice, abnormal blood tests) where blood tests, such as ________ serology, have not been able to identify a cause.
AIDSRotavirusInfluenzaHepatitis A

Question 6: The same is true for ________ (iron overload), although it is frequently omitted.
Elevated alkaline phosphataseSpherocytosisHFE hereditary hemochromatosisIron overload

Question 7: ________ and primary sclerosing cholangitis may require biopsy, although other diagnostic modalities have made this less necessary.
HepatitisPrimary biliary cirrhosisCoeliac diseaseAscending cholangitis

Question 8: The sample is examined by microscope, and may be processed further by immunohistochemistry, determination of iron and ________ content, and microbiological culture if tuberculosis is suspected[3]

Question 9: Liver biopsy is the ________ (removal of a small sample of tissue) from the liver.


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