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Liturgy of St James: Quiz


Question 1: Saint James was martyred at the hands of a mob incensed at his preaching about ________ and his "transgression of the Law" - an accusation made by the Jewish High Priest of the time, Hanan ben Hanan.
JesusNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeGospelNew Testament

Question 2: The Liturgy of Saint James is the oldest complete form of the ________ still in use among the Christian churches.
Divine LiturgyEastern Catholic ChurchesJohn ChrysostomOrthodox Church

Question 3: The English Hymnal features the 1906 ________ arrangement of the English verses of the Cherubic hymn of the Offertory chant (see above) to the melody of a French folk tune Picardy.
Adrian BoultJohn BarbirolliRalph Vaughan WilliamsVernon Handley

Question 4: It is also occasionally used in the ________.
East–West SchismOrthodox ChurchChristianityEastern Christianity

Question 5: The Liturgy is associated with the name of ________, "brother" of Jesus and patriarch among the Jewish Christians at Jerusalem.
James the JustApostle (Christian)Saint PeterNew Testament

Question 6: It is based on the traditions of the ancient rite of the ________ Church of Jerusalem, as the Mystagogic Catecheses of St Cyril of Jerusalem imply.
Biblical canonCrusadesEast–West SchismEarly Christianity

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