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Question 1: Today, the primary liturgical books of ________ are The United Methodist Hymnal and The United Methodist Book of Worship, along with their non-English counterparts.
United Methodist ChurchChristianityArminianismMethodism

Question 2: It set out in full the ________ and Gospel readings for the Sunday Communion Service.
Liturgical bookGospel (liturgy)EpistlePsalms

Question 3: Other official books are published by the member churches for the official use of their churches, such as the ________, Book of Occasional Services, etc.
LectionaryLiturgical bookEpistlePsalms

Question 4: Set Old Testament and ________ readings for daily prayer were specified in tabular format as were the set Psalms; and canticles, mostly biblical, that were provided to be sung between the readings.
JesusGospelNew TestamentBiblical canon

Question 5: When the Methodists in America were separated from the Church of England because of the American Revolution, John Wesley himself provided a revised version of The ________ called the Sunday Service of the Methodists in North America.
AnglicanismBishopCatholicismBook of Common Prayer

Question 6: The regular services chanted in the Constantinopolitan liturgical tradition are the ________ and the Divine Liturgy.
MatinsOrthodox ChurchLiturgical bookCanonical hours

Question 7: Other Roman-Rite liturgical books include the Roman Gradual and the ________ or Evangeliary.
Gospel BookThuribleOrthodox ChurchAltar

Question 8: These books are used as a more expansively Catholic context in which to celebrate the liturgical use found in the ________ and related liturgical books.
Book of Common PrayerBishopEpiscopal Church (United States)Anglicanism

Question 9: The Great Euchologion contains the clergy parts of Vespers, Matins, the three Divine Liturgies, ________ and Midnight Office, the Lenten Hours.
ComplineLaudsCanonical hoursPrime (liturgy)

Question 10: ________ (Greek: Ευαγγέλιον, Evangelion)—Book containing the Gospel readings that are used at Matins, Divine Liturgy, and other services.
ThuribleOrthodox ChurchAltarGospel Book


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