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Question 1:
Who played Vicky Pollard/Emily's Flirt/Andy Pipkin/Mr.Cleaves/Gary/Kenny Craig/Neville Maddox/Jeremy
Matt Lucas
Matt Lucas
Stephen Aintree
Jaygann Ayeh

Question 2:
What role did Stirling Gallacher play in the TV series Little Britain?
Mrs. Williams
Little Britain

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Little Britain have?
King of Great Britain, Ireland and
Chair of the Arts Council of Great Britain
Commander-in-Chief Air Defence of Great Britain
Little Britain

Question 4:
Who played Gita the TV series Little Britain?
Joanna Bacon
Yuki Kushida
Joann Condon
Gwenllian Davies

Question 5:
Who played Little Britain the TV series Little Britain?
David Walliams
Stephen Aintree
Guido Adorni
Keith Alexander

Question 6:
When did Little Britain last air?

Question 7: As a result of its success, the first television series was repeated on the more mainstream channel ________.
BBC OneBBC TelevisionBBC TwoBBC Three

Question 8:
Who played Little Britain the TV series Little Britain?
Naomi Cooper-Davis
Jiggy Bhore
Imogen Bain
Anjali Mya Chadha

Question 9:
Who played Various Roles the TV series Little Britain?
Steve Furst
David Walliams
Jaygann Ayeh
Paul Darrow

Question 10:
Who played Inner State School Teacher/Sebastian/Emily Howard/LouTodd/Jason/Pianist/April May/Dennis
Matt Lucas
Paul Putner
Marlon Bulger
David Walliams

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