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Little Big Adventure: Quiz


Question 1: He only appears for a short time, though he plays a bigger part in ________.
ActivisionAdventure gameDoom (video game)Little Big Adventure 2

Question 2:
Little Big Adventure, Call of Duty and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are all:
Adeline Software games Electronic Arts games Action-adventure games Activision games

Question 3:
Little Big Adventure, Civilization (video game) and Final Fantasy VII are all:
PlayStation games Video games with isometric graphics DOS games Video games developed in France

Question 4: It combines several ________/arcade sequences and some elements from the role-playing game genre.
Action gameShoot 'em upFirst-person shooterLight gun shooter

Question 5: ________
(North American, Asian and Oceanian releases)
Star Trek: Voyager – Elite ForceInterplay EntertainmentActivisionActivision Blizzard

Question 6:
Little Big Adventure, Little Big Adventure 2 and Time Commando are all:
Action-adventure games Virgin Interactive games Video games developed in France Adeline Software games

Question 7: A sequel was released under the name of ________ (also known as Twinsen's Odyssey).
Adventure gameLittle Big Adventure 2Doom (video game)Activision

Question 8:
Little Big Adventure, The 7th Guest and Dune (video game) are all:
Electronic Arts games PlayStation games Virgin Interactive games DOS games

Question 9:
Little Big Adventure, BioShock 2 and Heavy Rain are all:
Adeline Software games DOS games Action-adventure games Video games developed in France

Question 10:
Little Big Adventure, Dragon Age: Origins and The Sims 3 are all:
PlayStation games Electronic Arts games Adeline Software games Video games developed in France


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