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Lithuanian name: Quiz


Question 1: Although virtually extinct following the ________, they continued to exist as surnames, such as Goštautas, Kęsgaila, Radvila or in their Slavicised versions, as well as in toponyms[1].
Grand Duchy of LithuaniaChristianization of LithuaniaMindaugasJogaila

Question 2: The process ended only in the mid-19th century, and due partial ________ of society at the time many names were influenced by Polish form of the name.

Question 3: A Lithuanian personal name, like in most European cultures, consists of two main elements: the given name (vardas) followed by ________ (pavardė).
GenealogyFamily nameMatrilinealitySerbia

Question 4: Ponas and Ponia (________ Pone, Ponia) are the basic honorific styles used in Lithuanian to refer to a man or woman, respectively.
Dative caseNominative caseVocative caseGenitive case

Question 5: They include Vytautas, Gediminas, ________, Žygimantas.

Question 6: The use of family names gradually spread to other social groups: the ________ by the end of the 17th century, then the peasantry.
Social classBourgeoisieRuling classWorking class

Question 7: During the ________ these names returned to popular use after a long period of neglect.
Polish–Lithuanian CommonwealthEarly Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesInterwar period

Question 8: Also, as in many other cultures, a person may informally use a ________ (pravardė) in addition to or instead of a given name.

Question 9: The most striking peculiarity of the historical Lithuanian heraldic system, which is adopted from the Polish one in the ________ in 1413, is that a coat of arms does not belong to a single family.
JogailaUnion of HorodłoLithuanian Civil War (1389–1392)Union of Vilnius and Radom

Question 10: A number of surnames are ________ of popular first names.
DiminutiveEnglish languageGerman languageSwedish language


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