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Lithotomy: Quiz


Question 1: Much of Neal Stephenson's ________ is concerned with bladder stones, lithotomy and its aftermath, with several characters being forced to choose between the risky operation or death from bladder stones.
The Baroque CycleThe ConfusionCryptonomiconQuicksilver (novel)

Question 2: The earliest written records describing bladder stones date to before the time of ________ (ca.
Ancient GreeceHippocratesAncient Greek medicineAristotle

Question 3: ________ himself wrote that, “To cut through the bladder is lethal.”
Ancient GreeceAncient Greek medicineHippocratesAristotle

Question 4: Ammonius Lithotomos (200 BC), ________ (first century), and the Hindu surgeon Susruta produced early descriptions of bladder stone treatment using perineal lithotomy.
CelsusGnosticismJustin MartyrBiblical canon


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