Lithium: Quiz


Question 1: Lithium was used to decrease the melting temperature of glass and to improve the melting behavior of ________ when using the Hall-Héroult process.
Aluminium oxideAluminium chlorideAluminium hydroxideAluminium sulfate

Question 2: [16] 7Li can also be generated in ________.
Stellar classificationSupernovaMetallicityCarbon star

Question 3: In the later years of the 20th century lithium became important as an ________ material.
CathodeAnodeGalvanic cellBattery (electricity)

Question 4: Lithium-7 gained interest for use in nuclear reactor ________.

Question 5:
  • Metallic lithium and its complex ________, such a Li[AlH4], are used as high energy additives to rocket propellants[3].

Question 6: Lithium is also used in the pharmaceutical and fine-chemical industry in the manufacture of ________, which are used both as strong bases and as reagents for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds.
Organocopper compoundOrganoboron chemistryOrganopalladiumOrganolithium reagent

Question 7: Lithium hydroxide absorbs ________ from the air by reacting with it to form lithium carbonate, and is preferred over other alkaline hydroxides for its low weight.
Carbon dioxideCarbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sink

Question 8: The Mark 50 Torpedo Stored Chemical Energy Propulsion System (SCEPS) uses a small tank of ________ gas which is sprayed over a block of solid lithium.
Ipodate sodiumAmmonium ferric citrateBarium sulfateSulfur hexafluoride

Question 9: In 1855, larger quantities of lithium were produced through the electrolysis of lithium chloride by ________ and Augustus Matthiessen.
AluminiumChlorineCaesiumRobert Bunsen

Question 10: Lithium is safely stored in non-reactive compounds such as ________.
GasolineNaphthaBenzeneOil refinery

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