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Literary topos: Quiz


Question 1: Topos (Greek 'place'; pl. topoi), in Latin locus, referred in the context of classical Greek rhetoric to a standardised method of constructing or treating an ________.
ArgumentInductive reasoningInformal logicAristotle

Question 2: Critics have traced the use and re-use of such topoi from the literature of ________ to the 18th century and beyond into postmodern literature.
ClassicsClassical antiquityRoman EmpireGreco-Roman world

Question 3: Ernst Robert Curtius expanded this concept in studying topoi as commonplaces: reworkings of traditional material, particularly the descriptions of standardised settings, but extended to almost any literary ________.
MemeEvolutionMemeticsEvolutionary psychology

Question 4: This is illustrated in the study of archetypal heroes and in the theory of "The Hero With A Thousand Faces," also the name of a book written by modern theorist ________.
A Skeleton Key to Finnegans WakeJoseph CampbellMonomythMythos (film)

Question 5: The biblical creation myths and of "the flood" are two examples, as they are repeated in other civilizations' earliest texts (see Epic of Gilgamesh or ________) and are seen again and again in historical texts and references.
Me (mythology)Deluge mythMesopotamian mythologySumerian religion


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